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Hello! I'm Angela, 33, recovered from Bulimia for 1+ year and I'm making my way to a happier, healthier and more positive life. If you recognise you are developing Eating Disorder or Bulimia, I'm always here to share the loads off from your shoulders. My Ask Box always stays open for everyone of you, don't be shy! :)
Anonymous asked: hi angela, im trying to do the 30 day squat challenge im currently on day 3 and i dont know if im doing them well, i mean, it is supposed to hurt, ive checked many videos on how to squat and i seem to be doing it okay but somehow it hurts just alittle in my legs, did it hurt you when you where doing it? how can i make myself sure to get them done right? ( PD: im also doing insanity and idk if it has something to do with it )


Hello sweetie! Sorry for not getting back sooner. :)

I got my knees injured from doing squat in the wrong posture. So I am even clearer on the importance of knowing the move well before starting out.

For squatting, when you bend your knees as your body goes down, make sure your knees do not go beyond your toes as you view downwards. This way the tension goes onto your glute and hamstring but not your knees. It’s normal if you feel soreness at your muscle and that should go away in about a week as you carry on with your squat challenge.

Good luck :)

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